Great Teambuilding 2024


Teambuilding in Moravia: Handmade Cars, Coins, and Races!

Hello, dear colleagues and visitors of our website!

We are excited to share with you a fascinating story about our annual teambuilding event, which took place in the picturesque Moravia. This year was special because, for the first time, we managed to gather the entire team from Prague, Odry, and Bratislava! We had all been waiting for this moment, and it exceeded all our expectations.

Handmade Cars: Creativity and Skills in Action

Our teambuilding began with a real engineering challenge: each team had to earn coins by completing various tasks and then use them to create their unique racing cars. Imagine office workers suddenly turning into mechanics, designers, and engineers.

We completed quests, solved puzzles, and even participated in team challenges to earn as many coins as possible. It was amazing to watch our colleagues, with enthusiasm and a spark in their eyes, create their racing masterpieces from available materials.

Team Races: Speed, Adrenaline, and a Little Craziness

When all the cars were ready, the most exciting part began – the races. Imagine: handmade cars speeding down the track, driven by our talented colleagues. The team from Prague, as always, showcased their skills by designing an aerodynamic car and expertly handling the gearboxes. Odry and Bratislava were not far behind – their cars impressed with unconventional solutions and innovations.

The Importance of the Company's Internal Ecosystem

But our teambuilding is not just about races and fun. In his speech, the CEO emphasized how important the company's internal ecosystem is to us. We care about our employees and always go the extra mile to thank them for their hard work and to energize them before the start of the new season. It is thanks to our cohesive and motivated team that we achieve such high results.

Our teambuilding was a great success! Not only did we have fun, but we also became even more united as a team. Such events help us understand each other better, find new common interests, and simply have a good time outside the office.

We look forward to next year with anticipation because it means another round of unforgettable adventures and laughter!

See you soon on our website and in real life!

Best regards,