European expert on organic farming

Our company is a global exporter of high-quality oilseeds, legumes, and cereals intended for human nutrition, oil production, and feed production.

We prioritize organic farming and our main offering consists of organic flax seeds with a purity ranging from 98% to 99.99%. Additionally, we provide poppy seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and other oilseeds.

The majority of our products originate from the Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

The main approach

We help farmers transition from traditional to organic farming.

Bio consulting

After an in-depth analysis of natural, technical and social aspects, which are unique in each case, we advise and assist farmers in the transition from traditional to organic farming.

Bio support

We provide information support and prepare and collect the necessary documents and certificates for bio-agriculture.

Seed supply

We help plan future harvests and supply local varieties of seeds for organic farming.

Sales guarantee

We guarantee the sale of goods in the European Union and at market prices.

Our main services

We manufacture, supply, transport, and trade with premium certified organic raw materials and processed goods for the international food industry and feed production.

Our know-how in the organic sector is based on over a decade of experience and is founded on structured delivery methods and global operations.

Bio certification


Wholesale and storage

Door-to-door logistics

Customs clearance



Over 15 years on the market

We have been engaged in the export and import of agricultural products within the EU for over a decade.


Over 26 000 tons of goods

In the agricultural year 2021/2022, we imported over 26,000 tons of goods to the EU from the CIS countries.


Over 54 000 hectares of land

Together with our farmers, we utilize vast expanses of land for cultivating organic crops.


Over 20 farms in our group

Farms from 6 countries are involved in our projects.

For a better future

By preserving natural resources, we work together with Mother Nature rather than against her. Through strict adherence to quality management guidelines, our customers can trust that their production is healthy and safe. With our own responsible approach, we act in accordance with people and the planet. We aim to utilize our leadership, experience, and knowledge to give back to the planet rather than just taking from it.

Healthy food

The human body obtains nearly all its nutrients from food and water. It would be difficult to find another factor that has such a significant impact on the human body.

Better life

The composition of food and its properties directly influence health, mental development, work capacity, mood, and overall quality and length of life.

Cleaner planet

Biodynamic farming is not merely a method of soil cultivation and crop cultivation; it is a global attitude, a way of life, and a completely different perspective on nature.

Work with us

We actively seek out new projects, regions, and producers for organic farming.

01. Contact us whenever you need.

Please contact us via email or phone, or feel free to stop by our office for a cup of organic tea. Our team members speak English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

02. Share your requirements, ideas and thoughts.

Naši odborníci ochotně vyslechnou a prodiskutují vaše projekty.

03. Let's collaborate.

03. Our experts will find the best opportunities and solutions for collaboration.


The latest news about our company and the most interesting world news and trends in bio-agriculture and biodynamics.

Completion of a new warehouse in Odry, Czechia

Completion of a new warehouse in Odry, Czechia

We systematically develop and constantly improve, expand and supplement the range of our services.

Our New Warehouse in Odry, Czechia – 2nd Stage

Our New Warehouse in Odry, Czechia – 2nd Stage

BREAKING NEWS: Construction of new, modern warehouse facilities for storage, handling, and subsequent distribution of our organic products to our partners and customers within the European Union and beyond.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Přejeme veselé Velikonoce!