Sponsorship of Dukla Prague football club


Cooperation between football club Dukla Praha and AGRIWELL

Dukla Prague football club (youth) is a sports club that brings together over 360 young athletes in its 14 youth and junior teams. The original name of Dukla was ASC - Army Sports Club. It was formed in 1948 from the eleventh national football team of the army, who were undergoing their mandatory military service.

The club utilizes the Army Sports Center Dukla-na-Julisce campus for its year-round sporting activities. Additionally, for training and wrestling practice, the association has long been renting sports facilities in Prague's Ruzyne and nearby Horomerice. Both of these sports facilities are used by the youth and junior teams.

The Ruzyne sports complex has been used for sporting events since 2009, and it is expected that the contract will be extended until 2041. Thanks to the maximum utilization of the training ground's capabilities and the optimization of operations, in 2022, two projects were initiated and successfully completed this year.

ASC Dukla na Julisce

FK Dukla Prague; Youth; WU11

FK Dukla Prague; Mládež; U13 - youth A 2018/2019

Environmentally sustainable irrigation system for a football field in Ruzyne with the support of Agriwell

The maintenance of the grassy surface of the football field in Ruzyne, particularly its irrigation, and the need for conserving drinking water resources, which were daily used for field irrigation, led to the idea of creating a drilled well and connecting it to the field's irrigation system. After a thorough hydrogeological survey and completion of all legal formalities, a well was drilled near the football field. The well utilizes natural reserves of underground water, which can be naturally replenished, aligning with the core criteria of renewable resources.

Construction of the arena + well

Drilling rig

The "Ruzyne" complex primarily serves the youth categories of the club and the club's goalkeeper academy. The youth base in Ruzyne on Ztracena Street is used jointly with the Ruzyne club. The base features a natural football field and a small artificial one. Additionally, there is a small gymnasium for gymnastics and strength exercises. This year, a training area and a small playing field for honing individual techniques were established here. In the vicinity of the base, there is also a climbing wall.

Celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Ruzyne complex

Natural football field; Ruzyne complex

The project of a training arena with an artificial grass surface sponsored by Agriwell

The use of the adjacent areas of the complex for Dukla's team training led to the intention to build another training ground. For the upper layer of the grassy surface, the club opted for a technology that involves creating artificial turf without granulate infill.

Artificial turf XL TURF

The precise manufacturer's specification is as follows: artificial turf with a flexible base made of extruded polypropylene XL TURF PRO and XL TURF MULTI SOCCER, produced in Switzerland. XL TURF was the first artificial turf to receive a UEFA certificate based on field tests in 2003.

A unique advantage of this technology is its protection of athletes during the summer months. Traditional artificial turf with rubber granules tends to accumulate heat, and the resulting vapor can significantly affect the players' respiratory system. Additionally, this type of surface is more environmentally friendly, as the rubber granules are not released into the surrounding environment.


  • reusability potential - the entire system is entirely suitable for recycling

  • high mobility - the surface can be easily and quickly disassembled, transported, and set up in a new location

  • a highly dense mixture of straight and wavy 100% polyethylene fibers, in combination with a flexible extruded polypropylene base, ensures optimal biomechanical, ergonomic, and physiological parameters for athletes' bodies

  • extruded polypropylene pads with temporary deformation memory provide an instantaneous return to the original form of the flat surface

  • due to the upcoming ban on granules in the EU, this is the turf of the future

FC Dukla Praha; Youth

Training on a new field; Ruzyne complex

"We are very pleased that both planned projects were successfully implemented in a short period of time.

We have closely cooperated in the planning and implementation of both projects with the Agriwell company, which, first of all, thanks to its financial assistance and consultations in the field of ecology, has made a significant contribution to the implementation and completion of the above projects," the representatives of Dukla say.