The introduction of export duties on sunflower seeds removed from the agenda – Grain Union of Kazakhstan



At the meeting, the Interdepartmental Commission on Foreign Trade Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to withdraw from consideration the issue of introducing an export duty on sunflower seeds. This was reported on January 28 by the press service of the Grain Union of Kazakhstan.

“During the month on the agenda was the question of the expediency of introducing restrictive measures and the establishment of duties on the export of sunflower seeds against the background of the growth in the cost of raw materials, and, as a consequence, vegetable oil. State bodies, NPP RK Atameken, together with business representatives – producers and processors of sunflower seeds considered all the pros and cons of the use of non-market measures, studied foreign experience and the consequences of such measures, ”the message says.

As emphasized, the Grain Union of Kazakhstan and other market participants managed to convince the departments during the discussions that such intervention would only have a negative impact, provoking, instead of the expected decrease in prices, its growth. A possible scenario of events can be observed at the moment in Russia, where, despite the adopted export duties, the cost of sunflower seeds and vegetable oil continues to rise in price.

“As a result, at the meeting of the IAC it was instructed to state bodies together with regional akimats, agricultural producers, sunflower seed processors and retail chains until February 5 of this year. to work out the issue of concluding an agreement in order to stabilize prices for sunflower oil ”, – summarized in the message.

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