We Keep Driving!


We keep driving for you!

Dear Clients & Partners,

We find ourselves in very difficult times, which we were neither ready for nor we have any experience in dealing with. Please allow us to wish you good health, patience and luck in making the difficult decisions which these times would most certainly require.

We consider as part of business ethics, as well as personal values of members of our team, to stand by the side of our clients not only in times of prosperity, but also times of crises, which unfortunately came now. This is why we have already taken all appropriate and necessary measures in order to guarantee continuous operation of our company and deliveries, to help you get through this difficult period. We consider our role not only in trading & distribution of our products, but also and maybe more important in sharing all important information, suggestions and processes to help support your business.

Due to the current situation with coronavirus in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe as a whole, we do not exclude possible restrictions on the operation of our warehouses, shipment of goods and the work of our company as a whole. We already bumped into complications related transportation, border crossing, paper work, but we still keeping our obligations towards you and keep driving!