About us

Our mission

We help farmers transition from traditional to organic farming.


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We are systematically building a vertically integrated business model that enables our customers to plan future harvests and control the quality, ensuring a consistent supply of certified organic products.

We provide guidance and training to farmers in various aspects, including planning, storage, seed selection, equipment, weed and pest management, best practices, risk management, technology, organic certification, and marketing.

Organic farming is not just a trend - it is the future!

Direct contacts with farmers and farms have helped build a bridge between the West and the East. Being out in the fields allows us to understand the challenges faced by farmers, agricultural producers, and the market requirements to which they aim to deliver their products.

Valerij Torejev
Founder | CEO

Our production

In the agricultural year 2021/2022, we successfully cultivated, supplied, transported, and sold premium certified raw materials:



Sunflower seeds


Other products


Great team

The most important asset of our company is a team of experts who share the same goals and opinions: healthy organic nutrition and a better ecological situation in the world.

Finance department

Petr Shpachek

Natalie Varava
Financial Specialist

Anastasia Mironova
Financial Administrator

Julia Vasilenko
Financial Specialist

Sales department

Artur Kashapov
Head of Sales

Samir Al-Jawahiri

Ekaterina Bureshova
Operations Manager

Purchasing department

Alexey Androsenko
Head of Purchase

Andrii Adian
Purchase Assistant

Quality department

Anton Varlamov
Haed of Quality

Mariia Gorbacheva
Quality Specialist

Dmitrii Zavoloko
Quality Department Assistant

Logistics department

Maksym Zosimenko
Head of Logistics

Ekaterina Serkova
Logistics Specialist

Oleksandra Kalinina
Logistics Specialist

Administrative staff

Orest Lemesh
Project Manager

Karolina Iastreb
Office Manager


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