Reliable Partners

We collaborate with reputable partners who share our passion for organic farming, working together to provide high-quality and sustainable products. Through this shared commitment, we aim to deliver exceptional offerings that align with our values of promoting organic agriculture and environmental responsibility.

Dukla Praha

Agriwell collaborates with the Dukla Praha Youth football club to support the sustainability of modern football and inspire youth to participate in sports. Together, we strive to create an environment that fosters ecological and social responsibility within the world of football.


An international umbrella organization for organic agriculture, founded in 1972.


As our warehouse is located in Odry, we aim to actively contribute to improving the lives of the local residents. We strive to collaborate with local authorities and the community to create an environment that benefits us all.


It presents the ideas of representatives from the environmental sector and civil society, providing a broad perspective on priority areas for research and development that can harness the potential of organic foods and organic agriculture to address current challenges.

Social responsibility


Sustainable results in the food industry require constant collaboration with farmers and scientific institutions. The process involves information exchange, research, and the development of new methods that help improve the production chain.

Our Responsible Business Practices

With more environmentally friendly production methods, we contribute to preserving the environment and create new job opportunities. Undoubtedly, great attention is also devoted to the quality of our products. In this endeavor, we are assisted by the GMP+, ISO 22000, and IFS standards.

How we contribute to the community

Agriwell cares about aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity. We support farmers in adopting environmentally friendly agricultural practices to minimize negative impacts on soil, water, and air.

Employee well-being and development

At Agriwell, we strive to create a work environment that provides equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status, gender, or background.