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What we do

Our goal is to continuously build environmentally-friendly agricultural production with a focus on the health of consumers of our products and the profitability of our land.

Quality and responsibility

Farms within our group cultivate crops exclusively in accordance with our stringent conditions and under our supervision throughout the entire production cycle, from soil selection to harvesting and storage. Therefore, we are able to ensure our customers the delivery of products in the best organic quality.

Certification and legal assistance

We assist our farmers with organic certification by providing them with information, legal support, and expert advice. We also develop methodologies for agricultural production and the utilization of organic substances. Our agronomists regularly visit farms to assess the condition of crops, equipment, and storage facilities.

Control system

We have established our own system for controlling organic deliveries, which includes internal audits, on-site visits, documentation checks, production delivery and traceability control, sampling and analysis of prohibited substances, direct control of transportation, handling, and storage facilities.

Strict supervision

Before export, the organic quality of our products is confirmed under strict supervision by our regulatory bodies, based on samples tested by accredited European laboratories.

How we work

We systematically build a vertically integrated business model that enables our customers to plan future harvests and control quality, thereby guaranteeing a stable volume of certified organic products.

Collaboration with farmers

For the control of our crops, we maintain constant contact with our farmers, being present in the fields during seeding, growth, and harvesting.

Wholesale and Warehousing

In the EU, we have more than 10,000 square meters of warehouse space, where we constantly maintain stable, reliable, and high-quality stocks of products for our customers.

Door-to-door Logistics

Thanks to the efficient utilization of international multimodal transportation, our products are delivered on time to our customers and partners all around the world.

Product sales

Our company employs some of the best experts in foreign trade in the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), ensuring that our customers always receive the best offers available.


Contractual strategy and pricing policy.


Preparation of documentation, legal support.


Market analysis, land, technology, equipment, warehouses, and workforce.


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Weed and pest control

Recommended activities, best practices, and the use of approved tools

Risk management, variety selection, and seed delivery

Using best practices, product insurance, seed variety selection.


Consulting, personnel training, and purchasing.

Our bio progress

Our group has been cultivating and selling 100% organic production since 2009. Both AGRIWELL s.r.o. and all contracted farms have EU certification.


Over 15 years on the market.

We have been exporting and importing agricultural products within the EU for over ten years.


Over 20 farms in our group.

We manage a group of 20 farms and collaborate with other farmers.

54 000+

Over 54,000 hectares of land.

Our main cultivation fields are in Kazakhstan.

26 000+

Over 26,000 tons of goods.

In the agricultural year 2021/2022, we imported over 26,000 tons of goods to the EU from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.